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EC5/ Yantian Express – Update on General Average and Salvage Security

EC5/ Yantian Express – Update on General Average and Salvage Security

Dear Valued ONE Customer,

As you should be aware by now, General Average was declared for the Yantian Express in late January 2019. All cargo interests (except where cargo was determined to be a total loss) are required to post General Average and Salvage Security. This includes containers that were discharged from the affected areas and containers that are still currently on board the Yantian Express. 

As per our Customer Advisory of April 11th, it is anticipated that the Yantian Express will likely sail late April/early May. For this reason, any cargo interests that have not yet posted their General Average and Salvage Security should do so immediately to ensure cargo will be promptly released upon arrival at the final destination. Any questions regarding how to post Security and the amount should be directed to the General Average Adjuster (contact information available here).

To be clear, cargo will not be released until General Average and Salvage Security has been received. Additionally, any fees resulting from the missing security will be for the account of the cargo interest. ONE would again remind all cargo interests that posting General Average and Salvage Security is mandatory. Regardless of the ultimate disposition of the cargo, cargo interests remain fully responsible and will be liable for all costs and charges associated with their cargo, such as freight, demurrage, General Average Security, and Salvage Security.

Failure from any of the cargo interests to post Security may possibly cause further delay or ultimately risk jeopardizing the overall rescue plan. Therefore, we appreciate all cargo interests’ immediate attention and action.

Finally, as per the last Customer Advisory, the next port of call for the Yantian Express has not yet been determined. ONE will provide further update of the port selection once the decision has been made.

ONE North America has set-up a dedicated phone queue to answer questions about cargo on the Yantian Express. From the United States and Canada, please call our toll-free customer service line 844 413 6029, select Option 2 for Import Services and then Option 3 for information on the Yantian Express.

We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding in this regard. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales account representative for additional information. 



Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.


To download this advisory, please click here.