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Regulatory Changes India - Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations effective 1st August 2019

We would like to emphasize on the key highlights of the new regulation, which makes it compulsory for Shipping lines, exporters and importers to adhere to the defined timelines for the Cargo Manifestation for Imports arriving in India and for Exports out of India and the transshipment via Indian Ports.



Imports to India:

Shipping lines are required to submit Import manifest details to Indian Customs prior vessel departure from Last port of call before calling India, for all containers which are going to discharge at any port in India or are discharged for Transhipment at any of the ports in India. In order to meet the above requirement Bill of Lading need to be ready 72 hrs prior vessel sailing from Last Port of call.



Exports from India:

Shipping Lines are required to submit Export manifest details to Indian Customs prior Sailing of Vessel from India port of loading, for all containers which are loaded on a said vessel from India. In order to meet this requirement, Shipping Instructions would need to be available 48 hrs prior arrival of the vessel at the Indian Port of loading


Additional mandatory fields required as per the new regulation (Arrival and Departure Manifest)

*Note: “S. No” refers to the Sea Cargo Manifest & Transhipment Regulations, 2018 issued by Directorate General of Systems and Data Management



 S. No.

Data field


House B/L No

If HBL is involved

House B/L Date

If HBL is involved

Shipper City

Shipper country code

Shipper postcode

Consignee City

Consignee country code

Consignee postcode

Notified Party City

Notified Party country code

Notified Party postcode

Invoice value of Consignment

Declared by the Shipper for the sole purpose of SCMT submission

Currency Code

Cargo Item Sequence number

Each HS Code to be defined separately along with hazardous details if applicable

HS Code in this cargo sequence

UNO Code in this cargo sequence

IMDG Code in this cargo sequence

Number of packages in this cargo sequence

Types of packages in this cargo sequence

Weight of the cargo pertaining to this cargo sequence


Clarity is still sought from Customs on certain requirements, confirmation of the same is still awaited.  We will keep you informed of the development in this matter once further information is available.



Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Sales/Customer Service representatives.



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